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Post Marathon Tips

There is a lot of talk of prep before your race; what to wear, what to eat, training programmes etc. But do you know what to do once it’s over?

Pierre’s Tips for Trail Running

We look at the benefits of running off road, and Profeet ambassador, ultrarunner Pierre Meslet, gives his top trail running tips.

Kicking rugby injuries into touch!

A rugby player’s footwear is a critical component of injury prevention, as well as performance.

Tips for an Injury-Free Autumn Marathon

‘Listen to your body, and don’t ignore the niggles’, Pierre Meslet MDS team winner

Protect your feet from blisters

Without the adequate protection of moisture-wicking socks or well-fitting footwear, this friction can easily lead to blisters.

OOFOS – the most comfortable thing you can put on your feet

The perfect antidote for sore, stressed, tired, post-run feet!

Runners: what’s holding you back?

We look at the common issues preventing you from making progress with your running

How can Profeet Custom Insoles help me?

At Profeet we have spent the last 20 years helping people from all walks of life to enjoy their sports and activities more. Our signature custom-made insoles are a key part of our footwear solution.

An evening with Physio Remedies

We recently welcomed the team from Physio Remedies into the Lab for an evening of discussion and ideas sharing.

How do I stop cramping under the arches of my foot in my ski boots?

We look at this commonly reported problem and provide some solutions.

Why do my calves hurt when I ski?

We answer one of the most commonly asked questions in the Ski Boot Lab

Profeet’s custom approach to insoles pays dividends

Our writer and keen runner Stuart Appleby shares his experiences wearing Profeet's custom-made insoles


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