Natalie Lawrence talks triathlon, custom insoles and next goals -
Natalie Lawrence

When not competing, or running around after four young children, you might find Natalie doing boot camps on Weymouth beach, devising training or nutritional plans for other busy athletes, or (at the time of interviewing) travelling down the country to pick up a shiny new bike!

Following some big 2023 successes, including wins at the Long Course week-end in Wales, and at Outlaw Long Distance Triathlon, she has a super busy year ahead, defending some very impressive titles. Here, Natalie tells us how orthotics have always supported her running journey, what her next goals are and her current favourite footwear!

Natalie Lawrence talks triathlon

How Profeet custom insoles have supported Natalie’s journey

In her early teens, Natalie shoed a natural talent in biathlon, driven mainly by her strength in swimming. After coming second in the national biathlon for schools, she was talent scouted by British Triathlon. Then, realising that she should take running ‘more seriously’, she joined Stopsley Striders in Bedfordshire at the tender age of 16, but she quickly developed shin splints.

She went on to Loughborough, as part of the world class performance squad. But being propelled into high performance sport at a young age came at a cost. Natalie suffered with anorexia and bulimia which caused osteopenia in her lumbar spine.

The one thing Natalie didn’t stop doing, was running, with orthotics playing a vital role in enabling her to continue thanks to the additional support and stability they provide, even when running through four pregnancies (with improved marathon times after each).

Profeet custom insoles

“My stress fracture was just the start of the journey of getting custom insoles done. I’ve had orthotics of a certain kind for 20 years, just because of my medical history, my podiatry and my biomechanics.”

Natalie’s next goals

Natalie will be aiming for a 2:55 marathon time at the London Marathon, which will be a new PB at this, one of her favourite events. She’ll be toeing the line again in the Championship pen.

“I love the experience of London, I don’t think that I’ll ever ‘not do a London’, unless something comes up,” she says.

In May she’s targeting the Pro 70.3 triathlon middle distance in Poland, then she’s aiming to regain her title at the Long Course Weekend in Wales. Later in the summer, she “may do” Iron Man Swansea and/or Germany, then there’s a new Long Course weekend in Yorkshire – so that’s at least three marathons. Throughout all these events, she’ll be wearing her Profeet custom insoles.

“I would not run now without my custom insoles. It’s just a no-brainer for me. I even have inserts made for the bike. So even though I’m not impacting it, having the same gait in my feet as for running, it’s still giving me that arch in the foot for my pedal so I can get the right distribution of my power as well.”


Natalie’s current footwear

Natalie says with her half-Ironmans, she prefers a “carbon-plated” style shoe, for improved performance and ‘bounce-back’.

“I’ve recently moved on to Adidas Adizero Bostons which are great for mid- to long-distance road runs, have carbon/glass fibre rods (Energy Rods), and are great for bounce-back as well as support. I do my intervals with them, but also my long runs.”


When trail running Natalie wears Saucony Peregrines. She wore her Peregrine 11s with her Profeet custom insoles when overcoming ‘mud, rain and near mountainous climbs and descents’ at the recent Lulworth Cove Trail Half Marathon put on by Trail Events Company, and came first female!

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Saucony Peregrine

We are really looking forward to trying Natalie in some of the latest and best plated shoes such as the Adidas Adios Pro 3 and the New Balance Fuel Cell Super Comp Elite V4 and the Brooks Hyperion Elite 4 when she next comes in for some new Profeet Custom Insoles.

Find out more about Natalie on her website or follow her on instagram @natlawrencecoach and @Nattyb0.

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