Ski boot fitting – especially for women -
Ski boot fitting women

As an advanced-ish female skier, who can still be tempted into the steeps occasionally but generally prefers to just cruise around the pistes these days – I have come to appreciate and respect a proper boot-fitting service more and more.

It’s not as if you’re going to have a new pair of boots each season (unless you’re a dedicated seasonnaire, ski boot instructor, or slope-side fashionista), so investing in a good-fitting boot is a commitment that can deliver many seasons of happiness.

Tailored to you

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that Profeet is only for high-speed downhill racers or off-piste adventurers. The Ski Boot Lab is for everyone, and their mission is to listen to you and how you like to ski, and then select and fit exactly the right boot for you – from one of the best ranges in the UK.


At Profeet we see so many different people in the Ski Boot Lab, no two days are ever the same, it’s what makes the Lab so interesting,” says Luke.


Comfort is king (or queen)

Whatever your level of skiing, everyone should start with comfort. If a ski boot is badly fitting you can find yourself in a world of discomfort and misery – and unfortunately some people have already experienced that with hired or borrowed boots. It’s enough to put you off skiing altogether!

But that’s why Profeet is here. Ski boots can be unforgiving in the wrong hands, but Profeet’s highly trained team have mastery. First, they listen and learn about you. There’s a detailed questionnaire covering off the important things: any previous injuries, where and how you ski  etc…  followed by a thorough measuring of the feet, foot scanning, an assessment of the stance in ski-bended-knee position… and then the boots appear.

Boots are selected based on your ability, foot size, width, volume, and your lower leg shape. Women’s anatomy and lower leg morphology are naturally different to men’s. Ski boots from different manufacturers vary in terms of volume and shape etc… Women’s calves are proportionally lower down the leg than men’s, so women’s boots have a lower cuff – plus women typically have a narrower heel. The Profeet fitter knows which boot is best for which foot shape and this informs their choice for you.

Profeet Lab

Flex patterns

Soft, easy and forgiving for the leisure cruisers among us, or progressively stiffer for the more athletic, adventurous and experienced. Your Profeet technician will explore your skiing style and stance and aim to put you in the right softness or stiffness of boot.

The boot should have the correct amount of flex for your preferred level of skiing”. says Luke


Custom insoles and fluffy liners

A custom insole is a must. A heat mould is taken of your feet and a then each insole is shaped and formed to give the ideal level of support to hold your foot precisely in the ski boot – all important for the comfort factor and key to precision for those who are aiming to improve performance.

Most ski boots have a thoughtfully designed liner these days. The onus is on thermal properties and the right amount of padding in the right places. Some have deep plush fabrics, others are focused on moisture wicking properties – your choice.

ski boot fitting for women
Boot customisation and stretching

Bunions, high arches and shorter hamstrings?

Don’t worry if your feet have odd nuances. Everyone’s feet are different, and the boots can be stretched and moulded to accommodate any particular traits.

Bunions are common and the solution is to heat and ‘stretch’ the boot to accommodate the bump, so you won’t be experiencing pressure points on the slope. If you have high arches, then too much forefoot pressure can be a concern, but fear not, there is a boot for that.

Cold feet?

I personally suffer with cold feet. By mid-afternoon on an overcast day, I can feel like I have a bag of ice cubes in the end of my socks in place of toes. I’ve learned not to crank my boots too tight in the midfoot to keep the circulation going. I have a choice of sock thicknesses in my suitcase (to adapt to different conditions), and… more recently I have invested in heated insoles.

Central heating – ahhhhhh

Ideal in colder climes, such as the USA and Canada, though of course it can get pretty chilly in Europe too, the heated insole maintains a comfortable ambient temperature in the boot.

Not a hot-water bottle kind of heat, just a pleasant warmth that lasts all days and guarantees no frozen toes, ensuring that you still have full steering and control right down to the last run.

If you stop at an outdoor bar for a little refreshment, your heated insoles will keep doing their job, keeping you comfortable and contented. Pop the batteries on charge overnight next to your phone, and you’re good to go again next day.

Profeet Ski Boot Fit Guarantee

Fit Guaranteed

And finally, there’s a guarantee. Not surprisingly some boots require a bit of wearing in, so if you find that there’s a niggle, or something is not quite as comfortable – or as firm – as you’d like, then you can book in for a free-of-charge follow up. Your boots can be adjusted, stretched a little more, buckles micro-tweaked by an expert hand, to get the balance right.

Skiing into the sunset

My newly fitted Profeet ski boots were a dream straight off. I strode my way to the lift line, locked on the ski mode and never looked back. Comfortable for sure, and just the right level of performance to give me some rebound out of the turn. Total joy, and the reason why having your ski boots fitted properly is so worth it, no matter what level, age, ambition… or gender.

And last but not least, if you’re an advance to expert skier and are seeking the ultimate in performance, then of course, Profeet is for you too. The team have fitted Olympic level ski athletes, Emily Sarsfield and medallist Jenny Jones included.

Emily Sarsfield – Britain’s No.1 Ski Cross athlete

8 times British champ and unbeatable in domestic competition. Emily gets her Head boots tweaked regularly by Profeet with insoles and foam liners and also uses Profeet custom insoles for all her training needs.

Jenny Jones – The first Briton to win an Olympic medal on snow!

Jenny was the bronze medal winner in the women’s slopestyle event at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, powered by Profeet Custom Insoles and some Profeet boot tweaking.

To find out more about ski boot fitting specifically for women, talk to the Profeet team on 020 7736 0046


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