Profeet help conquer ‘The Fear’ for UK triathlete Harry Boyle -

As soon as you get that bit closer to your goal the fear kicks in and the idea of not being able to get to that start line becomes an ever present fear.


A well-deserved break to Madeira as a chance to relax after qualifying for the ITU Triathlon World Championships.  Surfing has been a lifelong passion since learning in Oz in the 90’s.

‘The Fear’ strikes

Sadly I’m very good at wiping out and one wipe out snapped my board!  Worse, I really hurt my foot. And there it was. The fear!


Could I have actually broken my foot and not be able to race due to falling off a bloody surf board?  I came back from my holiday well rested but not in a good way.


I avoided all running on the foot as it was getting worse. Solution, swim more. My amazing girlfriend signed me up for the Hampton Court to Kingston river swim the week we got back.  Perfect – 4 km of  swimming in the Thames.


Except that three of us took part, and two of us got ridiculously sick – the fear strikes again! I was wiped out from any type of training for four solid days.


The road to recovery

With less than 4 weeks to go the fear is in full swing, but I took myself back to my core exercises that helped me get to where I was. I cranked up the clean eating and I enjoyed chiropractic and massage from the amazing team at ML.


The next step was a visit to the team at Profeet. I have worked with these guys as an ambassador but this time I was a genuine patient and in need of help.


The team headed up by Richard were outstanding.


Profeet insole stops the pain

After looking back at previous pressure scans they watched me run barefoot on a treadmill. I simply couldn’t do it.  After 45 seconds throbbing pain kicked in.


The Profeet guys played around with a few ideas and then created an insole, moulded to my feet and shaped accordingly to my pressure scans.


I slid them into my shoes and although feeling seriously strange I got on the treadmill and jogged. No lie…it was brilliant. The feeling of movement without pain was just the best. That little feeling – I was starting to win against the fear.


To leave the shop within a couple of hours and be able to jog was brilliant. Two weeks later I have only just managed 10 km.  It’s a start and with two weeks to go I’m working on getting back to a sub 18min time at the World Champs.


The fear has gone…thanks to Profeet.

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