We talk shoes with Adam Clarke - Adidas ambassador

We caught up with Adam recently at an Adidas event and spoke to him about his training, training tips and what he uses in the way of shoes.


Adam is a GB International athlete and professional running coach. He has trained closely with Mo Farah and other well-known Olympians in the lead up to a number of World Championships and Olympic Games.

Besides being an elite athlete and coach, he has a BA in Sports Science from St Mary’s University, is a qualified Sports Massage Therapist and is an Adidas ambassador.



Please tell us about your training over the last year

Over the last year my training has changed slightly to what I would have called normal year. As I am now focusing more on longer distances such as the Marathon and Half Marathon my training has certainly become more endurance and tome on the feet focused.

The biggest change I have seen from running track/shorter races to now distance events is the decrease in races I run in a year. However, like all training years there has to be structure within that which allows for longer term progression and peak performances for the A race goals of the year.

For example, I would focus on 10km training for a period of time to build great fitness and pace and then around 14 – 12 weeks ahead of a Marathon start to shift the focus to Marathon training. Overall milage would increase, weekly longer runs would get longer along with the progression in tempo running and specific Marathon/Half Marathon paced running. By staging the year is such a way it allows for both physical but also mental prep. It is impossible to be in Marathon PB Shape 12 months of the year!

What does an average weekly training look like for you?

A routine Marathon training week would be made up of around 110-120 mile, mixed with easy based running, x2 harder based interval sessions and then a weekend long run.

Monday AM: 10 Mile PM: 5 Mile
Tuesday AM: Speed Endurance Session PM: 5 Mile
Wednesday AM 14 Mile PM: 5 Mile
Thursday AM: 10 Mile PM: 5 Mile
Friday AM: Tempo Session PM: 5 Mile
Saturday AM: 10 Mile
Sunday AM: Long run (18/20Mile)

What shoes do you wear for training vs an actual race?

Shoes have now become a big part of running, recovery and racing and for each person the right footwear can make a huge difference.

Adidas Solar Glide

Adidas Solar Glide 5
I am a huge fan of the Adidas Solar Glide 5 for my easy based running days. This shoe is a little heavier and well cushioned allowing lower risk of injury and great protection while running a lot of mileage. Yes, they do not feel as good when running as an Adizero range shoe, but that is also a good thing and something I look for. I want to then be able to switch shoes to an Adizero range and feel fast with that pop in my stride.

Adidas Adizero

Adizero Pro 3.0
The two shoes that I wear for my faster running in sessions is the Adizero Pro 3.0 and then the Takumi Sen 8. The Pro 3.0 is the top of top shoe on the market and the shoe of choice for 5km – Marathon. The Takumi Sen 8 is a little lighter and also has a lower stack height so I tend to use this for track training and also interval sessions where I am running faster over a shorter distance.

The plus side of also training in one of the Adizero shoes that has the new technology foam ‘LightStrike Pro’ foam is that the cushioning really allows for better and faster recovery after a hard running session or race. A great way of being able to manage injuries better and, overall, consistently train better.

Trust me if you haven’t tried a pair of Adidas Adizero Pro 3.0, get them on your Christmas list!

Adizero Boston

Adizero Boston
The other shoe I have really liked would be the Adizero Boston, this particular model I have found great for a slightly faster easy running day or on those days when I am feeling very tired and want to put a feel-good shoe on that will allow my easy running to just feel that little bit easier. The Boston comprises of a slightly higher running stack and also a section of ‘LightStrike’ foam that just allows that higher level of responsiveness.

“I would certainly advise looking to have 2 or 3 pairs of shoes in your collection”

The minimum would be an everyday mileage shoe like the Solar Glide, and then a pair of rockets like the Adizero 3.0 for race day and those harder session training days.


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