Running 2018 Kettering conference - The female athlete -

We were given talks on the subject of the female athlete by speakers: Dr Anita Biswas who works at Bisham Abbey with a range of the UK top athletes on their health, Dr Craig Ranson who is a Director of Athlete Health at the English Institute for Sport (EIS), Dr Anna Waters who is a psychologist who works as part of the British Pyschologists Society (BPS).

It was very insightful to see not only from an economic basis how women are still undervalued in sport but also the very limited areas of research on women’s specific training effects in research today.

A lot was highlighted about the Female Triad and how women’s menstrual cycles have can be detrimental to their performances. Evidence was also shared stating that during certain times of a women’s cycle ligament laxity in increased, the ability to gain strength is drastically reduced due to hormone changes and susceptibility for fatigue is greatly increased too.

There was belief overall that the female athlete need to be valued more and taken into greater consideration when programming and training. This was mentioned especially so in the youth ages.

Overall, the team had a great day of education at Running 2018 and learning and look forward to attending again next year.

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