Should I put my ski boots on a boot heater overnight? -

Many chalet companies advertise an overnight ski boot heater as one of the advantages of staying in their chalets. And who wouldn’t want a nice, toasty ski boot to put on in the morning?


But should you leave your ski boots on a boot heater overnight?


If they are your own boots, and you have a custom insole – like those we create for our customers at the Profeet Ski Lab – then the answer is definitely ‘no’…unless you remove your custom insole first!


Ski boot heaters can cause a custom ski boot footbed to melt and – in the worst case scenarios – to stick to the liner.

Insoles can melt and tear the ski boot liner


The pictures on this page show a melted insole and the huge ridge that was created by the insole melting and the material that tore out of the boot liner when it was pulled out.

Luckily in this case, our team of technicians just managed to salvage the innerboot…

Additional risks to boot liners and shell modifications

There are also risks that if you heat moldable ski boot liners they will lose their shape.  Additionally if you have custom modifications to your ski boot shell, there is a risk that if they get too hot the stretches can sink back.

Look after your ski boots


So if you have made the sensible investment of buying a pair of custom footbeds for your ski boots, then take the Profeet team’s advice and please do look after them!


We recommend approved boot dryers such as the Sidas ‎Dry Warmer that drys and sanitises inner boots with Ultraviolet light and only costs £25.


Custom ski boot insoles from Profeet


And if you don’t have custom insoles yet, then we’d love to help you. Please contact the Ski Lab team on 020 7736 0046 to arrange an appointment.


This video explains what you can expect during a ski boot fitting at Profeet:



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