2017 race highs and lows from five of our Profeet ambassadors

01: Andy Brodziak – Profeet ambassador, Triathlon Coach

Best race: Ironman 70.3 in Turkey
I only did one Ironman 70.3 this year, in Turkey. This was probably my best performance, albeit I cramped a bit on the bike from losing my salts bottle. I learnt that I could tap it back a bit and still run well over 21km as I knew I would find my run legs once off the bike. Top 20 overall, 5th in my Age Group, enough to qualify for World 70.3 Champs in my home country in 2018! Learnt how to adjust my output in the moment and stay in control.


Worst race: Ironman Florida – DNF (did not finish), but learnt lots…
After the race above in Turkey, I got a head cold and pretty much lost form from there over next 2.5 weeks and then travelled to Florida. We adjusted my expectations based on the lead up not being ideal, so we went easy and then I wanted to commit to 3.10 marathon pace straight away. The body held nicely, but with Ironman you can’t have breaks and inconsistent weeks for very long as the holes show! I felt pretty average all day from the gun, mainly from not being in the water much before. BUT, pulling the pin at halfway in the run and not killing myself to crawl in was a wise decision which meant I could recover properly quickly and not ruin the body. Some mental lessons along the way for sure, which at this stage of my racing career, my attitude towards negative points in the race is important.


At this stage of my racing career, my attitude towards negative points in the race is important.

02: Georgie Rutherford – Profeet ambassador, Triathlete

Best race: Sundowner Half Ironman
I had two goals. Complete each section (swim, bike, run) pain free by using the new techniques I have learnt to be more efficient on the bike and run. The second goal was to fuel properly and focus my mind for the entire race and not drift off which sometimes happens to me.
I was really pleased to keep my energy levels up so that I achieved both goals and to win with a very strong time was an added bonus.
I learnt that if you train your mind as well as your body, racing is so much more enjoyable.


Worst race: Xterra World Championships
I had set my goal for a podium place, which I did not achieve. Last time I had come 4th so thought I could achieve a podium position. The half marathon trail route, which includes 1800ft of steep climbing around the area where they filmed Jurassic Park, was so hot and humid I had not prepared myself well enough to cope with the heat. Initially this was a disappointment and I was cross but then as the post-race blues wore off I realised how far I have come in a short space of time, to have recovered from my hip injury and be even racing on such a brutal course over 21km. I therefore learnt that goals based on position are not necessarily the best thing and you should also have process goals.

I learnt that racing is never easy, despite how many you have done you can always learn and improve. You can also overcome a lot more than you think in a race as long as you use your mind and breathing.


I learnt that if you train your mind as well as your body racing is so much more enjoyable.

03: Thomas Evans, Profeet ambassador, ultrarunner:

Best race: Marathon des Sables – 3rd place
As I was going to the race as an unknown, it was great psychologically. It allowed me to focus on myself with no pressure from anyone and really enjoy myself.

Eiger 101km – 4th Place. My first mountain race. I started a bit quick but chilled out after 2 hours. I ran hard on the bits I could, making up some ground.

CCC – 4th Place. I started slowly and then built up my speed, my focus was to be working really hard on the fast sections. Keeping my head cool and making sure I ate!


Worst race: 100km British Champs – DNF & Frankfurt Marathon
100km British Champs – I started the race too quickly and at 70km I completely blew up. If you are not ready to run at a certain speed then don’t!

Frankfurt Marathon – racing with an injury is never a clever idea. I put so much mental and physical effort into the build-up and made an emotional decision to race.


If you are not ready to run at a certain speed then don’t!

04: Robbie Britton: Profeet ambassador, ultrarunner

Best race: 5k PB in Portugal & 15km Maxi race in Annecy
Possibly ones I wouldn’t have expected at the beginning of the year, it’s a toss-up between a new 5k PB in Portugal in March and a win at the 15km Maxi race in Annecy in May. The year started well after a trip to Portugal for three quality weeks and then a whole host of great results, but I probably got a little carried away with the hard work and forgot the resting part that is so key.


Worst race: 2017 World 24hr Champs in Belfast
After a disappointing performance at the 2016 Europeans and a knee op to follow, I put my heart and soul into getting ready for Belfast and worked as hard as possible to make it happen, which led to doing a little too much and turning up in Belfast over cooked. Blood tests after the Champs showed my liver wasn’t in a great place, down to a virus, and explained why I felt terrible on race day, but accepting that it was most likely down to working too hard beforehand was a bitter pill to swallow. Until next time…


I probably got a little carried away with the hard work and forgot the resting part that is so key.

05: Hermione Plumptre: Profeet ambassador, 400m hurdler & performance coach.

Best races
My first outdoor race over 400m was at Loughborough International where I came away again with yet another 400m PB, however I struggled over the last 100m placing me fourth in my race. This was almost certainly due to missing lots of endurance work in winter something that for a 1/4 mile runner you can’t forget in your program and something I am working hard on at the moment to resolve this season.

My favourite race of the year was probably my first 400m hurdles race back after 18 months of not going over them, due to having had a disc tear between my L4/5 vertebrae and avoiding rotation and rehabbing for such a long time. Finally it felt like I was home and although the race was a Midland league race and not a star studded event, I made my qualifying time to race at British Trials 2017 which was my whole aim of the year: to me nothing could have made me happier then knowing I was going to my first champs. To follow I ran at British Trials and came 5th in my heat racing in a lane next to the No.1 in the country. I learnt so much and came away with another personal best and the experience of racing at a major championships along side some of the best athletes in the world.


Worst races
This year has been a huge amount of ups and downs bad and good races, all of which I’ve learned from and grown as an athlete. The Profeet insoles have changed my track career completely. My new insoles in my trainers and spikes have given me the confidence in injury prevention, and comfort when training and racing that I needed to achieve the goals I set out for myself.

I’m heading into 2018 with bigger goals and bigger expectations for an amazing season ahead.


The Profeet insoles have changed my track career.


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