Air 10K: Kew Gardens -
Air 10K Kew Gardens - Pierre Meslet

This Saturday saw light-footed Pierre Meslet compete close to home in the Air 10K: Kew Gardens.

An active ultrarunner and Profeet ambassador, osteopath Pierre is aiming high this year with the mighty Marathon des Sables as his ultimate goal. His training plan includes an assortment of events of different lengths to challenge speed work and distance and this one was all about speed.

Pierre told us,

“I started under the rain with a single digit temperature but managed to get a new PB (33’36’’) despite a very sinuous course.”

Air Run 10K Kew map

AIR 10K: Kew Gardens 2021

This year, the event was set entirely within the picturesque landscape of this world famous site, looping and winding around the hot houses and monuments.

AIR, which stands for AUDIO INSPIRED RUNNING, encourages runners to beat the headphone ban* and enjoy their 10K event complete with entertainment – inside Kew Gardens.

He continued,

“I finished second overall after a fun ‘fight’ following a very fast first kilometre trying to get into position (the course was narrow, wet and winding) – I managed to lead for about 500m!

Then a guy (Oliver Bridge, future winner) passed me with ease and despite my best efforts to stay with him, he dropped me. I looked behind to see if he was alone and saw a couple of runners very close. As it was a staggered start again, and following my NDR 50km lesson from 2 weeks ago, I was determined to give everything and hold my second place.

So I basically chased Oliver for the remaining 9km and finished absolutely breathless. Great fun!

Thank you, Richmond RunFest.”

10K London, Profeet running shoes, Pierre Meslet

Another training goal completed!

Setting out with speed in mind and chasing the lead throughout, Pierre’s finish time of 33’36 puts him up there with the 10K elite. It’s another key milestone on the path to the MDS.

Custom fitted running shoes - ultra runner Pierre Meslet


*Did you know that not all running events permit the use of headphones?
The majority of runners are accustomed to running to music. It is a motivator, a pace maker, and at times a welcome distraction, however, beware! Where courses are over roads that are not fully closed to traffic, headphones are deemed a safety hazard so not all races permit them. Be sure to check the rules before you run as you may find yourself disqualified and medals can be denied for wearing headphones.

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