Alexa Palmer's inspiring recovery following a head injury -
Alexa Palmer

My last memory of the gloom-ridden day was leaving the start box at the British Eventing Intermediate competition, early on during the cross country my horse stumbled badly after a fence and I was catapulted to the floor landing face first.

The consequential grass sample never made it to environment officers – left lifeless at the scene our emergency services were quick to respond, the Air Ambulance transported my unconscious self to the unbelievable care offered at Addenbrooke`s hospital. Pessimistic health warnings were portrayed during initial weeks; I was left with bad amnesia and loss of taste buds due to my brain injury.

After a month LONG STAY in hospital, (capital letters noted), I was released subject to being in the near vicinity at my grandparents’ house in case of emergency. As an active individual who previously rode up to 10 horses a day teamed with fitness work and university my patience didn’t do the medical staff justice. I am eternally grateful to all medics involved with my care, supportive letters from friends also kept me fighting the health battle.

The unexpected rate of recovery I have been lucky enough to experience was summed up nicely by the neuro-surgeon involved with my care at Addenbrooke’s – flabbergasted at my fitness and mental agility he called me a miracle. When talking in depth about methods perused to enhance recovery I told him to look at my feet!

Profeet have provided me with much-needed support and enhanced balance using custom insoles during my mission to achieve goals, gain fitness and return to my active self. In the past, I have sighed with relief when the days’ work came to an end and I could take my shoes off, now it’s the least exciting point of my day and all I want to do is put them back on!

Profeet shoes have partnered me on my first long walk, run, game of tennis, cardio and pilates session post-accident. As my ‘need for speed’ started as early as skiing attached to toddler reins and heading down my first black run at 5 years old, followed by the u10 National Ski Championship and team bronze at the Inter-schools races with recovery progressing as it currently is I hope I’ll be able to make use of my custom fitted ski boots at Profeet in the near future! Another post-accident first partnered with Profeet comfort.

As part of my plan to try and give back what I have been given I aim to run the Great West Run (half marathon) this time next year, the starting point was marked with my first run recently, exactly one year before taking part in the race. Hopefully I’ve started soon enough! The only positive thing this accident has given me is a new appreciation for life and realisation of the suffering others go through. I have charitable events and fund raising plans unfolding for the next couple of years that will provide entertainment, personal challenge and funding for causes close to my heart. As DBA sports owner Storm Trentham always says “DREAM, BELIEVE, ACHIEVE”. DBA’s impact on my recovery has also been hugely significant, the first top I put on when I left hospital carried that very message, you may try to live by an ethos but when it`s printed on your top you won`t forget it!

Due to the national health care available in our country I have been enabled to continue ‘living and loving life’ my advice to friends is to appreciate every happy moment you are blessed with, chances are they could be facilitated by the comfort proper shoes would give you!


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