#BlackIce: Running across Iceland (Day 3) -

The latest update from Robbie Britton and James Elson on their #BlackIce adventure – running across Iceland from North to South – has reached us, and the word is…it’s starting to get cold!

Usually I’m a big fan of snow, but when it’s below zero degrees, the wind is blowing (although not in our faces for a change) and your clothes are a little damp, snow is less fun.


We had prepared for all eventualities out here in Iceland and snow was a distinct possibility from the start, but kicking off day three – 54km from Nyidalur to Versalir – the weather was spot on. Well, it was below freezing point but only just.


Moving along nicely in shorts and waterproof jackets, the little bit of snow blowing around wasn’t an issue at first, quite pleasant really. Much like at Xmas the snow lost its appeal after about 10 minutes, mainly because James was getting pretty cold. He is a wee man.

The rest of the day was spent with snow and rain consistently being thrown at us. It wasn’t huge amounts but after 5 hours you get a little damp. Moist maybe.


Knowing full well that we’d lucked out with indoor accommodation for our first two nights we were resigned to a tough time trying to warm up when we stopped. Fortunately Dan and Iain had found an unlocked barn. It was bloody fantastic.


There was plenty of room to pitch up our big Exped tents over a floor largely covered by cow shit, I had slept in worse places, albeit when slightly less sober.

With a snow storm coming in tonight and rumours of a cave we could sleep in 40km down the road tomorrow, #BlackIce is moving along to plan. Well, to the loosely organised thing I called a plan, but that seemed like gross lack of preparation to everyone else.


Despite shivering for a large part of today, there was never a moment that wasn’t enjoyable. James and I really are either masochistic or just plain stupid, but there aren’t many places we’d rather be.

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