Custom Ski Boot Liners: Intuition liners - expertly fitted by Profeet

Intuition liners are an EVA foam liner ideal for creating or taking up space. When heated the foam expands and compresses around the foot. Toe caps and additional padding can be used to help gain space. The Intuition EVA foam has excellent memory properties ensuring that the liner keeps the shape of the foot and boot.

Intuitions liners are durable, warm and comfortable. Like a Zipfit liner they can be reheated and remoulded a few times meaning they can be transferred to a different shell.

Profeet stock four different types of Intuition liners

Dreamliner MV

Dreamliner MV. This liner has a roomier toe box making it ideal for someone with a wider forefoot or higher instep. It’s a great upgrade for those who need maximum space.

Pro Tour MV

The Pro Tour liner has an articulated cuff, ideal for those ski touring or telemarking. It comes with laces which are required for moulding but can be left on for a firmer fit.

Pro Wrap

This liner is great for filling room around the lower leg, gripping the heel and ankle whilst ensuring wiggle room around the forefoot and toe box.


The Godiva liner is specifically tailored for a women’s leg. It features both shin and cuff reinforcement for guaranteed relief of pressure points and shin bang while the increased wrap fits even the largest calves. With a super soft lining, the Godiva is sure to keep you cosy and pain free.

In this video Frazer from the Profeet Ski Lab explains the differences between a foam-injected, Zipfit and Intuition ski boot liner and how they can benefit your skiing.

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