Ski boot review: Nordica Pro Machine 130 -

The Nordica Pro Machine 130 ski boot review is the latest in our regular series of ski boot reviews.

Pro Machine comes in 130, 120, 110 in mens & 115, 105, 95 & 85 in W. Profeet will be stocking 130 in mens & 95 in the womens.

Nordica Pro Machine 130

  • £550
  • 98mm last

The tongue on the liner of the Pro machine 130 is removable/adjustable liner as well as being a lace up liner if the skier prefers.

Custom cork liner contours around the lower leg. Isotherm insulation keeps the warmth and gets rid of moisture so keeps the feet warm and dry!

The power, response and feel of a race boot. The Pro Machine’s anatomical shell which is easily heat moulded offers exceptional performance & precision for this all mountain boot.

Boot comes with Grip Walk soles, as well as having spare Alpine soles in the box.

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