Dynamic Yoga for Runners and Skiers -
yoga for runners and skiers

Most people tend to think of yoga as being all about breathing, relaxation and meditation. However, there are many kinds of yoga, including the more dynamic varieties, which are much more focussed on stretching, strength and conditioning and where you’re far more likely to work up a sweat and noticeably feel the effects and the benefits, next day.

Vinyasa flow

Vinyasa yoga is just such a practice, consisting of a series of flowing movements with smooth transitions between each pose. The class begins usually with a lying pose to focus on the breathing and grounding the body and gradually works up to a series of sun salutations – a progression of powerful moves incorporating a range of stretches and twists that work deep into the hips and core, strengthening and stretching out hard to reach muscles.

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    Yoga for runners

    Where running shortens muscles, yoga lengthens them. When running you are using the same muscles repeatedly applying impact forces over and over again. The longer the distance, the greater the muscle usage and effect. Many runners will begin to experience issues as a result of this. Yoga provides the answer.

    Here’s just a few common problems runners experience:

    • tight glutes
    • stiff hips
    • ITB pain
    • shortened hamstrings
    • sore knees
    • calf strains
    • sore ankles
    • foot issues and sore feet

    Yoga is a great counterpoint to the effects of running, systematically working through the muscles from the feet, calves, knees, thighs, buttocks, lower back, in fact throughout the body from toe to head and back again. There are few other exercise regimes that cover so much in one session.

    I can highly recommend Caz, I had her join me for a week training camp with some inflexible runners and by mid way through the week they were touching to floor and running more miles than they ever did in the mountains – pain free. “

    Andy Brodziak – Tritanium Coaching

    Yoga for skiers

    Likewise, yoga is ideal for skiers and is a useful part of your skiing preparation. Skiing is a combination of technique, speed and grace and the more supple you are the better you ski. If you’re working on your leg muscles intensely in advance of your annual trip, yoga can help to lengthen and condition those muscles more effectively.

    To get right onto your edges when carving, you need hip and spinal flexibility. A good skiing style uses the legs independently of the upper body giving you better balance and control. Your shoulders point down the hill and your hips and legs do the work. Yoga twists are ideal to increase the range of movement in the hip area and help to develop a more mobile spine.

    Dynamic Yoga for Runners and Skiers
    Caroline Lofthouse
    Dynamic Yoga Caroline Lofthouse
    Dynamic Yoga Caroline Lofthouse
    Dynamic Yoga Caroline Lofthouse
    Dynamic Yoga Caroline Lofthouse

    Your yoga instructor, Caroline Lofthouse

    Caroline is a dance, yoga and movement practitioner with over 20 years of teaching experience. Caroline holds a BA (Hons) in Contemporary Dance and an MA in Dance Training and Education, both from London Contemporary Dance School and in 2012 she qualified as a yoga teacher with Yogacampus, graduating with distinction. Caroline has recently taught some yoga classes for London Irish Rugby Club and she has just enrolled on a Pilates Teacher Training course!

    Convenient class times in the comfort of your own home

    Classes are held via Zoom. First Lesson free, then from £10 per lesson*

    Thursday morning Sunrise Flow 0700-0745 UK Time
    Wednesday evening Evening Flow 1900-2000 UK Time
    Saturday morning Vinyasa Flow 0930-1000 UK Time


    Drop in (pay as you go) – £13 per lesson
    Payment in advance for 4 classes – £48
    Payment in advance for 8 classes – £80
    £10 for students, senior citizens, those on income support, and NHS workers
    Please note that refunds are not available.

    Everyone welcome!

    Caroline’s classes attract people from all walks of life including athletes, dancers, pregnant and post-pregnancy. No matter what your sport or activity level, the classes are accessible for all and Caroline offers suitable adaptations during the practice.


    Client feedback…

    I must admit to having been a lifelong sceptic about the benefits of yoga & pilates, never really seeing the point, but also never having tried it…Caroline’s classes have introduced me to a world of calmness and body awareness, whilst at the same time strengthening and developing my overall balance, physically & mentally…I am a regular weekly attendee of Caroline’s online yoga practice. It is now an essential part of my overall training programme and one that I believe has dramatically improved my resistance to injury, particularly as I get older. I cannot recommend enough Caroline’s approach to practice!”


    Caroline’s classes are excellent. As someone new to yoga I was nervous about taking a class, but she has an informal and friendly style that puts you at your ease and there’s no pressure to try things you’re not ready for yet. Even though I was amongst more experienced classmates, Caroline made me feel welcome, relaxed and confident.”


    * Please note: On sign up, you will receive a confirmation email from Caroline with a short questionnaire, which must be completed before participating in the lesson. This is for health and safety reasons and to ensure you receive the best tuition.

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