Equestrians Alexa and Kitty Palmer visit Profeet -
Alexa and Kitty Palmer

We were recently paid a visit by equestrian sisters Alexa and Kitty Palmer. As up-and-coming eventing superstars, the girls train daily and keep themselves in tip-top shape running, walking and cross-training amongst other activities.

Now approaching the new dressage and eventing season, the pair, who are just two of our ambassadors out in the sports arena, are on their feet all day, as Alexa told us:

“I can be out with horses for 10 hours a day, putting them through their paces and preparing them for the different disciplines, besides managing the stables. It’s important for me to take care of my own body from the ground up so that I’m ‘fit to ride’ -and my Profeet footwear makes sure that I’m in balance.”

It requires great physical fitness, stamina and flexibility to compete at this level and Profeet is an important part of their training regime.

Alexa and Kitty Palmer visit Profeet
equestrian sisters Alexa and Kitty Palmer

We’ll be reporting on the girls during the season so watch this space for future updates.

If you’d like to find out how custom insoles and footwear can be a part of your training regime watch this video where we explain the mechanics:

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