Why do my feet and legs hurt when I ski? -

‘Why do my feet and legs hurt when I ski?’ is a question we get asked often at Profeet.


Aside from getting the fit of your boots right – something we specialise in at the Profeet Ski Lab –  it’s important to remember that there are many other factors that can influence the fit of your ski boots.




Finding the correct size and shape ski boot for your foot is vital for all day comfort. Having a custom footbed in the boots increases both comfort and control. Sometimes adjustments are required to fine-tune the fit once you have skied and the liner has bedded in.

Ski Socks


Sock choice is extremely important and has a big impact upon the fit of your boot. An ultra-thin ski sock is always recommended with a newly fitted pair of boots. This allows for better air flow around the toes, keeping you warmer, and doesn’t create excessive pressure within the boots.



A ski boot is designed for you to be in a flexed ski position. If you try to stand too upright or sit back in the boots this will create pressure on the calves and force the toes into the front of the boot. Good skiing posture means flexing at the ankles, knees and hips which reduces pressure in these areas.

Fitness and Fatigue

Skiing is a vigorous exercise! As your legs get tired, your form tends to suffer which can create stress and pressure on the feet and legs. Weight gain and loss can also have an impact on the fit of your boots.  If fatigue sets in bear in mind that dehydration and altitude will have an even greater impact.

Snow Conditions and Terrain


Difficult terrain and challenging conditions such as ice, powder and moguls all put additional forces on our feet and can cause a change in technique. This can affect the fit of the boots by creating pressure points and making them less comfortable.


In cold weather ski boots feel much stiffer and tighter as the plastic is more restricting.  In warm weather, boots will have much more flex to them and will often feel looser on the foot.

A ski boot is complex


A ski boot’s job is extremely complex, fitting your foot, transmitting movement, fitting the ski binding, and providing protection from the elements.


The forces that you and the ski exert on the boot and foot can sometimes lead to discomfort in even the best fitting ski boots for some of the reasons above. The way to ensure you have the best fit possible is to go to a professional ski boot fitter such as the qualified ski technicians at Profeet.


The video below gives you more information about what you can expect from a ski boot fitting at Profeet. To book an appointment, please call us on 020 7736 0046.

A version of this article first appeared in Fall Line Magazine, where Profeet’s Ski Manager, Janine Winter, is the Fall Line ‘Boot Doctor’



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