Flat feet need stability running footwear: Truth or myth? -

The amount of support can also be determined from the resupination test result. This is a test we do as part our sports assessment analysis to understand your foot function.

When looking at the running video we look to observe the shape of the ankle (medial malleolus) when it is non-weight bearing (initial contact) and compare it to fully weight bearing (midstance). We then compare how much movement has not only occurred to that point, but how much overall change happens throughout the stride. Along with other factors such as other foot tests, knee & hip movements our decisions on footwear choice will vary.

A mobile high/”normal” arch foot actually has a greater ability to pronate into as the medial arch isn’t completely making contact with the floor.

Therefore, in quite a few cases we see at Profeet, a flat foot doesn’t always need the support of a stability shoes. It also means a high arch foot doesn’t always need neutral running shoes. Always get yourself fitted to make sure you know your foot function and not just base the support on the shape of your foot.

What happens during a running assessment at Profeet?


The Profeet 3D Motion Lab for Runners


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