How to cope with running in hot weather -

1: Run in the early morning or late evening.

As much as it makes you feel like a motivated little warrior who is so time efficient, don’t go running in your lunchbreaks. With the mercury hitting close to around 30/31C, being out in the heat of the day is very dangerous, let alone running in it. Don’t be a hero. Save the runs for the early mornings before the sun has risen (yes a tough alarm is needed), or late in the evenings so you stay out of the heat of the day.


2: No matter when you are running in hot weather find some sweatproof sun cream

Sun cream rolling down your face, into your eyes, mixed with sweat isn’t the greatest experience- I know. However, being savvy with your sun cream choice to stay protected against the strong UV rays and burning is essential. So look out for sweatproof/waterproof sun cream for those long run days.


3: Run those trails!

The tarmac and concrete streets absorb the heat from the sun but then unforgivingly will radiate the heat back up to you so will compound your melted state. By running on trails not only might you be lucky enough to catch some shade from the trees, but I can almost guarantee it’ll be less busy and crowded.


4: Carry water

Sounds so simple and obvious but please keep enough fluids with you as well as not starting your run dehydrated. Carry a small bottle or water pack with you. Or even better, plan your runs around local water fountains to be even more environmentally conscious.


5: Don’t wear dark colour

It’s another simple one, don’t wear colours that absorb the heat and will make you significantly hotter. Make sure there is no cotton in sight-including socks as it is the least breathable material and will just hold onto your sweat! That also stands for socks too, make sure they are moisture wicking.


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