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The ITB originates on the iliac crest, attaches to the gluteal muscles and the tensor fascia latae (TFL). The TFL is the muscle on the outside of your hip that moves your leg outward. Therefore these muscle groups being dysfunctional, weak or tight can affect the tension on the ITB.

A common overuse injury in runners
ITBS (iliotibial band syndrome) is a common injury in runners, normally from overuse. Too much tension in the ITB can cause pain on the outside of the knee and can be because of; leg length issues, tight hamstrings, foot mechanics, footwear and muscle imbalances.

Iliotibial band injury

ITB Injury Prevention
Profeet can help with ITB injury problems through our detailed analysis. We look at biomechanical imbalances that may increase stress on the ITB.

Custom insoles can help to stabilise the foot and knee and so help to control movement and friction on the ITB itself, reducing the inflammation around the knee joint.

The wrong footwear can drastically alter how smoothly the IT band works. If footwear is too supportive and affects knee movement this can aggravate the area of inflammation further, so being correctly fitted in shoes can reduce the risk of ITBS occurring.

Profeet can also help in providing strength and conditioning as well as stretches, to aid the healing process. Why not call 020 7736 0046 and book an appointment?



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