La Sportiva Nucleo GTX Hiking Boot Review -

La Sportiva Nucleo GTX

  • Terrain: Hiking
  • Available in both men’s and women’s
  • Weight: 920g a pair
  • Price: £175

Profeet thoughts: The La Sportiva Nucleo GTX is a very lightweight boot considering the aggressive terrain it can tackle. The overall, fit is snug through the heel, with the mid-foot and forefoot being more generous. The soft Nubuck leather upper aids the breathability of this. A light, fast durable hiking boot!

1. Heel hold is snug but not too constrictive. There is reinforced padding around the upper part of the ankle to add comfort and stability.

2. The toe box is spacious but narrows just by 5th met. So, ensure the boot is the right size and correct shape. Reinforced PU leather materials on upper of toe cap and heel to help with protection from rocks.

3. The Nucleo has a vibram outsole which uses highly durable rubber so is very hardwearing. The outsole also has a specific tread, known as ‘Impact Brake System’ to aid traction when hiking on unstable terrain.

4. The upper around the midfoot is very breathable. The ‘macro membrane in colour highlight the areas of breathability, whilst still keeping the boot waterproof. The hold around the midfoot is also spacious, which aids the ventilation.

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