Top Tapering Tips for Marathon Training From Profeet

Make use of additional time during tapering constructively. Rolling, stretching & resting! You’re already fit; ensure you start the race healthy!”

Paul Navesy
Profeet Ambassador, Ultra Runner

Use lower mileage to work on speed and start giving the body the recovery it needs.”

Dan Cracknell
Ultra Runner

Carb loading: I always advise doing so two days before, so you are loading glucose into the muscles & storing energy whilst allowing more time for digesting, drinking & hydrating the day before is very important.”

Simone Dailey

Enjoy the taper! You’ve earned the rest & relative relaxation. Don’t go chasing lost sessions or mileage, this is the time to let your body recover and get to the start line in the best possible shape.”

Gary Dalton
Profeet Ambassador, Ultra Runner

Don’t worry about missed sessions. It’s too late to get fitter, time rest, sleep well, eat nutritiously and hydrate well every day.”

Pierre Meslet
Profeet Ambassador, Ultra Runner

Don’t panic when you feel any niggles in the final stages of tapering & recovery. The mind has a way of blowing things out of proportion…”

Emma Kirk-Odunubi
Personal Trainer


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