New 3D Shoe Analysis Service -
RunRight 3D Analysis system - at Profeet Sports Lab

Introducing the RunRight Shoe Analysis System

We are excited to announce that we are testing the latest in 3D shoe analysis systems at the Profeet Sports Lab.

Established in 2001 to help people improve performance and increase comfort through the right footwear, Profeet has always been an innovator in the field of biomechanics, and custom insoles and footwear knowledge, for all. Today our principles remain the same – we aim to offer the best in sports shoe comfort and performance using our trademark techniques, coupled with state-of-the-art technology.

The Profeet Shoe Assessment is evolving

Our 25-minute Run Shoe Assessment traditionally provided a baseline assessment of your feet, ankles and lower legs using video gait analysis and performed by our sports scientists and technicians. We aim to get you in the right shoes to suit your running gait, foot type and needs.

This service was already head and shoulders above anything else available at other specialist running shops at this price point i.e. free when you purchase the running shoes at Profeet, or £29.95 if you choose to just take away the results to purchase elsewhere. We are now trialling the RunRight 3D Shoe Analysis system, the biggest innovation in running assessments since the introduction of video gait analysis.

RunRight gets it right

The RunRight 3D Shoe Analysis system quickly gathers data and analyses key metrics as you run on a treadmill.

  • Shoe performance
  • Joint protection
  • Cushioning efficiency
  • Energy return
  • Integrity structure
RunRight 3D running shoes analysis
Profeet 3D running shoe fitting system

If you want the best shoe assessment around then call us 020 7736 0046 or email to book your appointment and let us know you would like to include the RunRight 3D Assessment in your Profeet Shoe Assessment*.

We are open Tuesday to Saturday.

*RunRight 3D Assessments may not always be available as this is currently a trial service and is not available in all Profeet Run assessment pods.

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