Meet our newest ambassador, Lewis Prosser -
Lewis Prosser, Welsh hockey captain, wears Profeet custom insoles

We are pleased to welcome Lewis as our latest ambassador representing hockey amongst our ‘Team Profeet‘ sports pros.

We first met Lewis when he came to Profeet for our signature custom insoles, a piece of kit he deems essential for the serious sportsperson or avid sports player. We couldn’t agree more as we already know the difference our insoles make to our customers’ feet – not just elite athletes, but anyone who enjoys sports or is up and about on their feet regularly.

We took the opportunity to find out a bit more about Lewis, his hockey history and what drives him forward:

Early interest

How did you become involved in hockey and how did your playing progress?
“My Dad played and captained Wales & Great Britain. He introduced me to hockey, was my first coach and was the biggest influence in my life.”

Playing abroad

How was playing abroad and did you observe any particular differences in how the sports is played in Europe?
“Playing abroad was a great experience. It allowed me to train as a professional athlete and get an insight into what it takes to perform at the highest level. In each country the game play varies alongside the coaching styles – another learning curve which has helped through my career.”
What was the best/most interesting thing about this phase in your career?
“It helped me focus on small parts of my game that were the building blocks for the rest of my career. If I didn’t use this time effectively I am not sure I would have achieved such longevity and success in my sport.”

Career highlights

You recently represented Wales at the Commonwealth games – how does it feel to be team Captain and represent Wales?
“There is no better feeling than representing your country, especially in an event like the Commonwealth Games. The multi-sport event allows you to mix with athletes from all over the World and compete in fantastic venues with great crowds.”

Any other career highlights or memorable stories?
“Becoming the highest cap Wales male athlete is a high achievement of mine, alongside qualifying for the World Cup and a number of other events for the first time while playing alongside some of my best mates.”


How often do you train, and do you follow a particular programme?
“I train at least once a day. Some sort of strength or conditioning in the morning and when in season I will also have club training on some evenings. There will be matches on the weekend and I always implement a recovery session during the week which will involve 60 mins on a cardio machine at a low HR.”

How does Performance Nutrition impact performance?
“Performance nutrition could be the difference between winning and losing. It not only has a big effect physically but also mentally. At the top level of sport, games, race and competitions are won on small margins and nutrition can be that difference.”
Any tips and hints for other athletes?
Seek advice and help and use trial and error for what works for you. Everyone is different when it comes to nutrition. Like strength and conditioning training though, your gut and digestion is something you might have to train over a period of time to allow you to tolerate the right amount of fuel. Once you start fuelling yourself properly for your sport there will be a direct correlation with your performance increasing.”

Lewis Prosser Hockey Pro
Left: Lewis in action on the pitch. Right: Lewis at the Lab with Morgan, getting fitted for Profeet Custom insoles.


Have you had any particular mentors or people who have inspired or influenced you?
“My Dad was my biggest mentor and person that has not just inspired me to play hockey at the highest level but taught me how to act and behave on and off the pitch. A lot of who I am as a person is down to him.”
What motivates you and your game?
“I just love the sport and because of that training, matches and the extra things you have to do to perform at the highest level are easy.”

Future aspirations

What’s on the horizon for you?
“Currently playing in the premier league season until the Christmas break. Around December we are going to Spain to play in a pre World Cup 6 nation competition. We then fly out to India in January for the World Cup in India.”
Any long term goals or aims?
“Keep fit and healthy and enjoying every moment of doing what I love.”

Welsh Hockey Team Captain

A big thanks to Lewis, great to have you on board, and we look forward to reporting on your activities over the season.

You can also see Lewis’ sports performance nutrition services here

Photos courtesy of Lewis Prosser and Hockey Wales

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