14 Profeet Ski Boot Fitting Reviews -

You’re thinking about coming to the Profeet Ski Lab for a ski boot fitting, but it’s quite expensive – how can you know it will be worth it?


Here are 14 genuine Profeet ski boot fitting reviews, from real customers, that might help you make your decision. Most of these are drawn from over 300 positive customer reviews shared on our Facebook page.


1. ‘They really know what they are talking about’

2. ‘A perfectly fitting pair of ski boots’

3. ‘I will not hesitate to recommend Profeet’

4. ‘Faultless professional service from start to finish’

5. ‘Best money I’ve spent in a long time’

6. ‘I will be buying my next ski boots from them…and I live in Norway’

7. ‘Definitely money very well spent’

8. ‘It’s a pleasure to come to Profeet’

9. ‘The best bespoke ski boot service ever’

10. ‘This is something I should have done years ago’

11. ‘You are truly a magician!’

12. ‘I didn’t believe you could fix it, but you did’

13. ‘You’ve worked wonders’

14. ‘A permanent state of ski boot bliss’

Find out more about what happens during a Profeet Ski Boot Fit in this video, or by contacting the Profeet Ski Lab:



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