Profeet and Putney Chiropractic have been working together for over 10 years to help runners perform at their best

The injured runner – it’s confusing what to do!

The confusion for the helpless, grumpy, injured athlete is who to turn to for help? Usually there are two avenues to choose from…

  1. Self care – where you do a series of exercises or stretches to help improve tightness or lack of firing of a certain muscle
  2. Therapist care – where treatment is delivered to you to help you correct the imbalance.


What ever you choose to do is up to you. Normally you would start with home care then seek some advice.

We have many case studies that prove the effectiveness of working together with Profeet: see Avi’s story below.

How can Chiropractic treatment help?

There are three main issues that can be helped by seeing a chiropractor combined with using an in-shoe device to help you run and stay active without pain and injury.

  1. Pelvic imbalance, SI joint problems or sciatic nerve irritations. This is typically presented as one-sided low back pain that can refer into the leg and even create knee or calf pain. Chiropractic adjustments specifically get the pelvis and SI joints moving and with support from the ground up this is your best chance of staying balanced.
  1. Muscle spasm, poor firing, imbalance, tightness and muscle pain. Chiropractors are better known for spinal manipulation working on the nervous system – not working with muscles – but this is where many people are helped by us. After months of massage or stretching once the blockages are removed from the spine your body has better control of your muscles many aches and pains disappear.
  1. Leg length difference – we don’t normally recommend heel lifts unless you have a proven and significant leg length difference. It’s common to have 1cm difference functionally that can be helped with chiropractic corrective adjustments.


Read about Avi who used Profeet and Chiropractic to ensure he enjoyed his 2016 London marathon.

“Emma advised that I see a chiropractor, as I was ‘off’ or imbalanced and suggested Putney Chiropractic, not far from Profeet. So I did. Thanks again Emma!”

“Avi was super excited and ultra determined, however he was struggling with pain in both knees, due to a major pelvic imbalance and some wonky posture. This was not only impeding his training and performance, it had Avi doubting if he could actually make the race.

My aim from day one was to get him functioning properly, moving well and in good balance, and then running without pain so he could not just complete the race but truly enjoy it at the same time.”

Of course, Profeet can help with our thorough sports assessment:

It is here where our assessment and knowledge of body mechanics, will give us the information to be able to refer you to the Putney London Chiropractors.

So don’t hesitate to book in and see how both of our services could benefit you and get you back on the road to recovery.

For more info, please contact the Profeet Run Lab on 020 7736 0046.

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