Race to the Stones Blog 7: Ultra running Zero to Hero - Profeet -

Dan from the Profeet Run Lab updates us with his final update before the 100km ultra marathon Race To The Stones in July.

Race Preparation
Two days out from race day and the butterflies are keeping to a steady flutter. At the moment I am trying to take on as much information and advice about the event and strategy.

My main concern is pacing myself, so starting slow and planning walk sections from early on is my plan to last the distance.

It’s hard to know what it will be like on the back half of the race but I’m hoping I can get into the finish before nightfall. I have had a recce of the finish, which gives some peace of mind as it’s not a total unknown.

I have just been away for a short break to Devon as part of my taper and a well-deserved holiday. This was relaxing, with a few walks and a 15km run in Dartmoor National Park.

One of my favourite aspects of training for RTTS has been finding new places to run and exploring the trails getting out of London. It also makes me miss my time living in Christchurch, NZ and all the accessible trails you have nearby.

So the last two weeks have been relaxed with only a couple of runs. I have been more focused on conditioning and have been on the foam roller regularly to work out the tightness and improve mobility.

Loading Weeks
The previous two weeks were meant to be my main training load weeks but unfortunately, I sprained my ankle 15 km into my long run in week one, then only managed one short run later in the week.

The following week the Profeet Run Lab team were out in the beautiful surroundings of Chamonix in France product testing insoles and footwear.

There was a lot of hiking in the mountains and we also managed to squeeze in a mountain ascent interval session. There are many words that come to mind for the run session but needless to say it was hard work!

Although not getting the long runs in I would have like it was still valuable to spend so much time out on your feet and then getting up the next day and doing it all again, particularly as the terrain here was more technically challenging that what will be expected on race day.

Now finally I am packing my kit, picking up the necessary odds and ends at Profeet and I also had the opportunity to talk to one of our ambassadors, Max Willcocks, as he came in for a final check up pre-race. We will be running at different ends of the pack but it’s always good to have tips from a well established ultra-runner.

Good luck everyone!


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