Ski Boot Review: Salomon X Max Race 130, 120 & X Max 120 -

All the Race fit boots boast a 96mm last in the Men’s collection. Technically the women’s boot is part of the X Max family not the Race category and so the last is a 98mm. The overall shape of this low volume boot is narrow in the heel, slightly wider in the forefoot and one of the lowest over the instep.

Salomon X Max Race 130

  • 4.12kg (pair) M
  • £460

Salomon X Max Race 120

  • 4.15kg (pair) M
  • £420

Salomon X Max 120

  • 3.6kg (pair) W
  • £380

All these X Max models have a PU Cuff and Shell which is customisable throughout and can be 360-degree Custom Shelled.

All these boot models come with a power strap in-built to isolate lockdown Around shin/lower leg.

Replaceable toes and heels for these boots are available.

25% stiffer plastic used to give maximum power and precision.



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