Run Shoe Fitting by Profeet [Video] -

“People come to Profeet for lots of different types of reasons.


“We pride ourselves on really excellent service, so more often than not it’s a recommendation from a friend or a team mate that’s been here, but also recommendations from other local professionals so other medical professionals like physios, we would recommend they come to see us to get their shoes fitted or get custom insoles.


“We also get casual walkers, everyday runners, lots of professional athletes from a wide variety of sports like rugby, tennis, triathlon.  You can say that they all fall into one of two or three categories: people either want to have more performance, or there’s more comfort, or to reduce injuries.


“The first thing we need to do is really understand who they are and why they come to Profeet.


“They will fill out a  bit of a questionnaire at the start, but they we get into more questions as well it’s not just about what their current problem is, it’s about their injury history and it’s their future goals as well.


“We start with a good foot assessment. We do this unweighted we want to learn more about their natural movements as opposed to just what’s happening during their sport.  Once we’ve established that we get them onto the treadmill to get a bit more gait specific.


“We do a gait assessment from the toes upwards basically we’ll try to look at the whole body because the hip can influence the foot and the foot can influence the hip.


“Once we’ve had a look at their natural movements running we can bring in some foot scanning as well. Our foot scanner’s a bit different where we actually have the customer running over the scan mat as opposed to just standing on it.  We find that this functioning is just so much more important to see the foot in motion.


“Once we’ve got the customer’s biomechanical needs, we can start to bring up the right shoe. We want to measure them first, we don’t just look at them, we look at the width.


“And each shoe will come with a different last, so the brand will have a specific fit and we will know just from our product knowledge of which shoes is already going to work best from within a brand and from there we’ll bring up two or three shoes, test them on the treadmill and assess them together.


Custom insoles can help in many different ways. It should be interactive with the shoe as well. The insole will be fitted perfectly to the shoe. It will have full contact so your foot has more feedback and it will spread force out so nothing’s overloaded.


Ultimately it’s designed to better guide the foot along its journey.”



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