Runner's Knee - How Profeet can help -

The Cause of Runner’s knee: 
When running, as the foot strikes the ground, forces are transmitted from the foot up through the knee and combined with the body’s weight places excessive stress and strain on the knee joint. The knee also works with the foot as an active shock-absorber reducing stress on other parts of the body and is therefore the primary load bearing joint and critical for running.

Runner’s knee affects more runners than any other injury and accounts for about 40% of running injuries.

In the Profeet Run Lab we sometimes call the knee ‘the slave joint’. If a structure isn’t working well above or below the knee, it’ll take the brunt of the stress.

How Profeet can help:

  1. Analysis: We look for specific biomechanical movements that can cause or increase the risk of runner’s knee overly fast foot movement through the stride, short calves, short stride length etc.
  2. Insole: Our custom insoles can help with stabilisation but also shock absorption through the foot. We can also suggest footwear to further increase cushioning and support.
  3. Exercise: Exercises for rehab are essential for helping with the knee problems. Sadly there is not a magic solution for injury. It takes time to work with the body to strengthen and stretch. Classically it is suggested to strengthen the glutes and foam roll the quads & hamstrings.

So don’t hesitate to book an appointment and see how our services could benefit you and get you back on the road to recovery.



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