Profeet nominated for men’s & women’s running retailer of the year award

We are very happy to have been nominated and would love it if you, our run & ski customers, would vote for us using the links below.

More about the Men’s and Women’s running magazine retailer of the year awards

The retailer of the year awards will reflect and reward the best in the business across a range of categories from shoes to apparel to nutrition to gadgets, with special rewards for the best innovations of 2017. Results from a testing panel of experienced runners and readers will determine who gets the ultimate accolade from Britain’s fastest-growing running magazines. All categories will feature Gold, Silver and Bronze award winners.



All products entered will be road tested by a panel of experienced runners and readers and overseen by the Editors of Women’s Running and Men’s Running magazines. These are the criteria which the awards will be tested under:

  1. Ease of use/Practicality
  2. Performance
  3. Value for Money
  4. Quality



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