What sort of socks should I wear in a ski boot fitting? -

One of the most common questions we get asked at the Profeet Ski Lab is what sort of socks should you wear in your ski boot during, and then after, your ski boot fitting.

Ski socks are extremely important in a ski boot

Ski socks are extremely important in a ski boot [see our ski boot range] and can have a large impact on the fit of your boot.

A few millimetres of extra cushioning in the sock can mean the difference between fitting in the correct size boot or having to upsize, which in turn will lead to a fit issues and a lack of control.

In a brand new boot it is important to get the boot fitting as closely as possible to the foot because once it is skied in the liner will begin packing down creating more and more space.

Wear thin socks during a ski boot fitting
During your ski boot fitting, it’s essential to wear thin ‘Ultralight’ ski socks in new boots. These take up minimal space and won’t create pressure points or cut off circulation.

A thin ski sock also allows for extra air space around the toes and will actually keep you warmer than if you fill the boot with a thick sock.

Keep the forefoot of the sock thin
‘Ski Pro’ socks are available which cushion the key areas such as the heel and shin but keep the forefoot of the sock thin. These are a great option if you tend to have problems securing your heel or consistently get shin issues.

Once the boot has been skied in and the liner has begun packing out, you may notice some play in the boots so at that point a light cushion sock will help to fill some of that space and secure the foot further.

Ideally, in the correct size boot, you should never have space for a thick ski sock. If you are managing to fit a thick sock in, you should probably be thinking about replacing the ski boot.

It is certainly worth investing the money into a good quality ski sock for all day comfort and warmth on the slopes: a cotton sock will just leave your feet cold and wet!

Good ski socks will keep the foot dry and warm
A good ski sock will have good wicking properties keeping the foot dry and warm. Merino wool is great in ski socks at regulating body temperature, moving moisture away from the foot and they also have a natural resistance to foot odour.

Ski socks are also designed to come up to the knee. If you try and wear a short sock in a ski boot, the top of the sock tends to create a pressure point on the shin and can lead to shin pain. We also recommend you avoid ribbed socks which can also create pressure points on the shin.

For more advice on the best ski socks and ski boot fitting, please contact the Profeet Ski Boot Lab.

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