Storing ski boots in the summer -

The season is almost over, so what is the best way of storing ski boots? Here’s some advice from Frazer Shand.

1: Always store your boots at room temperature and away from extreme heat or cold. Make sure the liner is dry and the shell is buckled up so that it holds its shape. Before buckling ensure the liner is seated properly in the shell to avoid any kinks. If they are muddy you can also give them a wipe.

2: It is important to properly dry you boots before storing them for the summer. Storing the liner damp will cause it to deteriorate much quicker. We recommend the Sidas Drywarmer as it does not get overly hot when drying, avoiding damage to the insole and the risk of retracting stretches. It also utilises antibacterial UV light to help kill bacteria. No one likes wet, smelly and mouldy liners!

3: Check the soles of the boot to make sure they are not excessively worn. The boot soles are more important than you think as they will affect the release of your ski bindings if too worn! If you would like to know if the amount of ware is excessive we can check them using our jig (see pic). Many boots have replaceable toe and heels and we can order these parts for you. However, if your boots have a solid, non-replaceable sole it may be time for a new pair.

4: Check to see if any of the screws on the boot have become lose and tighten them up if they have. Especially the screws connecting the cuff to the clog. You will usually need an Alan or Torx key to do this. If you don’t have either we will be able to do this for you.

5: Finally, if you have boot heaters do not let the lithium ion batteries go completely flat, always store them with some charge.

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