The UTMB 2015: Over 7000 runners in five races -

The Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc is coming up fast at the end of this month – and we’ll be following Profeet ambassador Robbie Britton all the way.

This year there are five main races:

UTMB® [Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc]
This takes in three countries, covers 170km and 10000m of vertical ascent.  2300 runners will start the race in Chamonix on Friday August 28th  at 17:30, and must get back to Chamonix within a maximum of 46hrs.


CCC® [Courmayeur-Champex-Chamonix]
Again taking in Italy, Switzerland and France, this covers a mere 100km with 6000m vertical. The race starts in Courmayeur on Friday August 28th at 09:00 and 1900 runners will attempt to complete the course within the 26 1/2 hour limit.

TDS® [sur les Traces des Ducs de Savoie]
Another ‘shorter’ alternative at 119 km and 7250m ascent, the TDS will see 1600 runners start on Wednesday August 26th at  06:00 in Courmayeur to finish in Chamonix in less than 33 hours.


PTL® [la Petite Trotte à Léon]
The format of this race is slightly different as it’s a team race, with three per team and a maximum of 100 teams. The distances are huge – around 300km and 26000m vertical.   The PTL starts on Monday August 24th at 17:30 in Chamonix and teams have to complete the course in a mere 142 hours.


OCC [Orsières-Champex-Chamonix]
This is the second year of the OCC, a ‘regular’ ultra race of 53 km and 3300m vertical. It offers a taste of trail running in the Mont Blanc massive to 1200 runners.  The start is on Thursday August 27th at 08:15 from Orsières to Chamonix in 14 hours max.

We wish all the competitors the best of luck!

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