Time to step up your run training goals? -

With the return of events, Parkrun, and a renewed sense of normality again in recent weeks – well, the new normal – it might be time to start thinking about, if you haven’t already, shifting gears and making some tweaks to your running training regime.

Since the Coronavirus Pandemic started and up until the loosening and end of most restrictive measures, running, for most people, has generally (and importantly) been a vital means to optimal physical and mental wellbeing.

Treading miles though without being able to plan and establish event-orientated training objectives – which, for a lot of us, are the tangible rewards that not only boost motivation levels but are the measuring stick for progress – has been tricky.

Alive and kicking

As unpredictable as the future might be, the good news is that the race scene is alive again and it’s time we all got that spark back consistently, feeding off the positive vibes the running community always delivers.

Whatever your goal and even if you don’t have a set one besides running for pleasure – it can be a good thing to mix things up, with now being as good a time as ever.

Take note of our top tips – designed to help you transition into the swing of small and large running meets again, among other things – as we appreciate that it is easier said than done to simply flick that imaginary switch.

  1. Build from the base you have

There is no need for any drastic changes to how you fit running into your busy life but it’s worth weighing up what works well for you, and perhaps identify one or two areas you could target for improvement, or tweak to create new goals and experiences.

  1. Make a plan

Consider booking up an event or two so that you have something to train for and seek to engage with running friends and groups, as well as activity-monitoring apps such as Strava, as this can inspire motivation levels and enable you to channel your focuses.

  1. Mix-up training

From rejoining the gym or even experimenting with workouts, trying – for example, new activities like yoga or endurance-building on a cross-trainer – be open-minded to spicing up activity and injecting fresh impetus. Remember, you don’t have to always run to become a better runner – with strength training, recovery, nutrition and hydration all being important growth factors.

  1. Think about your footwear

It can be so easy to stick to those tried and tested pair of shoes, which have no doubt served you well for a long period. Replacing runners after a fixed amount of mileage, however, is fundamental to injury prevention as is making sure you have the right fit for you.

If you haven’t considered or tried it already, visit Profeet in-store for a true custom shoe fit and insole experience and connect with our experts over our running analysis offering. We can help you put your best foot forward.

  1. One step at a time

Striving for more and reaching your running goals isn’t an overnight process so that’s why it’s important to invest in the journey – whether you want to simply become fitter or run for longer or faster. Small, gradual steps will help you achieve your big goals.

  1. Enjoy it

At the end of the day, it’s all about having fun and never taking for granted the freedom running offers. Of course, training motivators and performance outcomes are important but so is the overall process in the sense of keeping fit and feeling good.

We all rightly run for different reasons, but all share a mutual love for running. Never let anything get in the way of that!!



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