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Having a biomechanical analysis may not be at the top of your priorities as you get into the sport of running. Whether you’re a parkrunner, a marathoner or training for your first ultra, most runners will focus on how to train to improve their performance.

Everyone has their own, unique running technique. The only time that you may consider your running technique or ‘gait’, is when you go to choose new running shoes.

At profeet, a gait analysis is just one element of a full biomechanical running analysis. Here we look at how a profeet running analysis can lead to improved running performance, better running strength and reduced injury risk.

Injury-prevention and speed

It comes as no shock that running injury rates are high. A study found that runners often seek information on injury-prevention and rate injury-prevention as important. Another study found runners are more likely to seek injury-prevention advice from footwear retailers and online than from healthcare professionals. It also found runners rank footwear as the ‘second most important factor in preventing injury,’ just behind ‘progression of the training programme.’

Your biomechanics play a big part in footwear selection for injury prevention. Your running movement pattern involves many parts, and is impacted by many factors. Any weaknesses in your movement can lead to injury, but can also affect your speed and performance.

To interpret your movement and spot weak areas requires someone skilled in human body movement as well as sophisticated technology. This is why profeet has developed a state-of-the-art running lab with high-tech cameras and highly skilled expert technicians.

What’s a biomechanical running analysis?

A typical running gait analysis, carried out on a treadmill in a shoe store, will show up the mechanics of your running.

A video records your running, highlighting where and how you land. With a trained eye, this can pinpoint issues or misalignments in your hips, knees or ankles that reduce your efficiency. Shoes can then be selected based on your needs and comfort.

A ‘gait check’ is only one element of the full biomechanical running analysis carried out at our profeet run lab. We don’t believe that only elite runners should have five star treatment. Our team is made up of sports scientists, sports rehab specialists, sports therapists, biomechanists and podiatrists.

Alexa and Kitty Palmer visit Profeet

One of our highly skilled technicians will discuss with you your running needs, including your typical training schedule, and any history of injury. Then we’ll go on to conduct a thorough biomechanical analysis – checking your running form from head to toe.

Video gait analysis

Not just a gait analysis

Your one-to-one running analysis will include:

  1. Physical Assessment – checking your feet and lower leg function,
  2. Measurement – checking length, width, shape and overall volume of your feet with the industry-standard Brannock measuring device,
  3. Gait Analysis – checking your running movement on our professional gait treadmills with and without footwear. Our high-tech video gait software uses full HD cameras and high frame rates, to capture details that would normally be missed.
  4. Foot Scanning – examining the forces going through your foot, we get you to run along a small track in the store and over a special plate that uses 4,000 micro pressure sensors to record your dynamic foot movement.
  5. Evaluation – using all the data, we can recommend the best footwear as well as design a custom moulded insole based on your individual needs.
gait analysis at Profeet Fulham

Following your running assessment, you will not only receive advice on your footwear selection, but we can also provide exercise programmes to help with your running technique. We can organise follow-up appointments to check how things are adapting, or if any new issues arise. By continuing to fine-tune, we can ensure you perform to your optimum potential.

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