13 Great Stats about the 2014 The North Face Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc [Infographic] -

The North Face UTMB is arguably the biggest event on the ultra-running calendar.


The Profeet team love their ultra-running and have picked out 17 great stats about this year’s event (also represented in the infographic below)


1. 77 different countries will be represented 
That’s more countries than ever.  The UTMB not only takes part across three different countries but it’s a global event with participants from across the world.


2. The French are outnumbered
For the first time, less than half (48%) of the participants in the five races will be French.


3. Kilian inspires Spanish 
No doubt inspired by their amazing compatriot Kilian Jornet, the Spanish now make up 11% of all racers in the UTMB.


4. 8% of the field are British
The UK ultra scene is expanding fast and this is reflected in the growth of British participants – now up to 8%


5. The Chinese are coming
Last year there were only 7 Chinese taking part – that has shot up this year to 39.


6. Quality as well as Quantity
Based on the International Trail Running Association’s rankings, there will be 317 ‘elite’ level runners at the UTMB.


7. It’s not just the major nations
Among the 77 countries represented are San Marino, Luxembourg, Kuwait, Gabon, Mauritius, Cambodia and Brunei.


8. Women still in the minority…
Only 13% of the field in all the UTMB events will be women, and 87% men.


9. …but there are more women than ever
In 2013, only 10% of the field were women


10. Age is no barrier to ultra-running…
There are four over-70 year-olds entered in the UTMB


11. ….especially for ‘shorter’ distances
Ten over-70s will take part in the new 53km OCC race.


12. The number of applications for the UTMB has increased 64% since 2011
It’s harder to get a place in the UTMB now than ever before. In 2014 there were 6020 applications for 2300 places.


13. Even the OCC was over-subscribed
This new 53km race was introduced to try to take the pressure off the other races. There were 2443 applications for just 1000 places!

Check all the details in our new infographic here – just click on it to see the large version

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