Profeet Gait Analysis & Foot Scan Helps Customer Overcome Injury -

We love to share a good news story, even more so when it’s the Profeet team who’ve helped someone come back from an injury.


A&E diagnosed a stress fracture


Ian Campbell came to us on a recommendation from another customer, Gary Kiernan.   Ian had already been to A&E where he had been told that he had a stress fracture.


However, on his visit to Profeet, Richard and Dan had Ian do a treadmill test with and then without shoes, as well as analysing his gait by video and with a foot scan.


Custom footbeds have ended the pain


It’s still early days, but after being fitted with custom footbeds, Ian has now been able to run without pain.

Great news and all the best for the rest of the recovery Ian.

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Article by Iain Martin

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