5 tips for running as the days get shorter

01. Reflectivity (clothing lighting)

This is probably the most obvious advice there is for running as the days get shorter. BE SEEN! Most running gear has reflectivity in built especially if you purchase it during this time of year. Try to just not dress in all black-go as bright as you like.
Head torch is also a great tool to have if you are doing more runs off road and on uneven trails/toe paths.

02. Make the most of your lunchtime

Struggle with those early morning starts? During your lunch hour try and get a recovery run in then. The sun is up (hopefully if British weather plays ball) and it’ll be far easier to run, less busy on the streets and the most productive lunch break ever!

03. Run with someone else!

If you have no choice but to run in the dark at least don’t do it alone. Take a friend/colleague with you to firstly keep you safe, but also for the company. The miles will fly by!

04. Know your route (walk in daylight)

When running at night do make sure you know your route. The last thing you want is to get lost in the darkness and not know your bearings. Use apps such as footpath to map your route runs and help you know where you’re going prior to getting out there!

05. Run as the sun rises out of darkness

If you’re going to run in the dark, try and do it as the sun rises. There is something so satisfying about finishing your run-in daylight. Plus, it’ll help to wake you up first thing in the morning.


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