Chris Patterson's 52 marathons in 52 weeks update - 2 months to go!

Late last year we kitted out Chris before he kick started his incredible challenge this year – 52 marathons in 52 weeks! We caught up with him to see how he was getting on with only 2 months left of the year.

don’t stop the strength work in the gym! I made the mistake of reducing/removing my gym work in February to save my legs for the races. Injury soon followed. ”
Chris Patterson

Chris, how are you feeling?

I’m okay, been struggling with runners knee since April. But, I’m still going!

What has been you’re favourite marathon and why?

This is a tricky one to answer, there’s a few that spring to mind. The Great Wall of China was amazing and it was great to run Berlin when the World Record was broken. However, I found I really enjoyed the Isle of Islay marathon. Only 14 runners took part! There was something quite special about it. Very scenic and well supported by the locals. Instead of medals we were given plaques made by children at the local school. One to remember!

What has been you’re worst so far and why?

Purely from an injury point of view, it was Edinburgh. I’ve been suffering with tendonitis in my knee since April. For some reason this race was incredibly painful! I limped 26.2 miles in about 4:20! This is of course no reflection on the course or the organisation of the race…..just a bad day at the office for me. I’ve been working with this injury ever since.

How have you been managing recovery from each race?

Gym work, lots of sports massage, light cross training and a mid week 5k. That’s about it! I would like to be able to improve my sleep, but I work full time and I’m up at 5am most mornings and home around 6pm. This has been part of the biggest challenge this year for me.

What advice would you give yourself if you had to restart the year and do it all again?

With regards to my injury issues mentioned above, don’t stop the strength work in the gym! I made the mistake of reducing/removing my gym work in February to save my legs for the races. Injury soon followed.

Lastly, how are you finishing the challenge-what is the last marathon?

So It’s probably going to be on January 1st. I started on the 13th January so I have a couple of weekends at at the end if needed. I have been constantly shuffling my schedule all year though to balance injury/work and illness so this could change. Sadly I don’t think I’ll be finishing on one of the larger events. Currently I’m looking at running 11 in December to get it over the line!

Chris is doing this incredible challenge to raise money for a charity called ‘Hope for Children’. ‘Hope for Children’ is a charity which enables vulnerable children to experience a happy childhood by improving their access to education and health care, and empowering families to support themselves. The charity is one of the smaller charities that exists and therefore the money goes a long way. Chris is looking to raise £12,000 over the course of what remains of 2017 and 2018. Please donate via the link below:



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