Our Top Five Spring Marathons -

1: Manchester Marathon 7th April 2019

This race has swiftly become one of the most popular spring marathons in the UK. The timing usually means it is still relatively cool and there is no chance of having weather which is too hot (don’t hold us to it)! There is a huge element of fun at Manchester also because of the relays that run through the marathon. You can choose to partner as a duo or a quartet and cover the 26.2 miles in equal increments giving a fun team element to the event.

From an elite perspective there is a decent field of Kenyans, especially on the women’s side to give quite strong competition for those aiming for sub 3 & sub 2:45 times. For the rest of us, the classic fun buses of 4-5hrs are full but not so much the streets are too congested. The support from spectators is incredible year on year. This race for some has become their main race for spring rather than London because of how fantastic the event has become.

Entry: From £55 for individual entry, from £89 for team entry.


2: Brighton Marathon 14th April 2019

A marathon by the sea! This race boasts beautiful views of the south coast as you run from the city centre out towards Saltdean & Rottingdean along the cliffs and then back towards historic Hove before finishing the 26.2 at the Brighton Pier. It’s becoming hugely popular and the whole city comes together and brings its vibrancy to support all the runners.

On the same day for those who still want a challenge there is the BM 10km which is a shortened loop of the course, just as fun but a ¼ of the distance! Online entries are about to reopen following the London Marathon places being announced. So why not run by the sea and finish on the beach with fish and chips?

Entry: From £45 for individuals, charity places also available.


3: Southampton Marathon 5th May 2019

A recent change to dates means this does not fall on the same day as London but the week after so be sure to know the weather will be the complete opposite (we say hopefully)! This event has multiple races running over the entire weekend including a half marathon, a 10k, a mile race team relays as well as the marathon itself. Therefore, all your running friends can get involved and join for a weekend away on the coast. The marathon course weaves around the river Itchen and boasts of tour of the city of Southampton. With this being a fairly small city, all the locals come out and cheer and support on mass providing a great experience!

4: Vienna Marathon 7th April 2019

For an early April race Vienna is a great big city marathon to do. You’ll be able to run in the heart of the city and have an impressive start line. The first 864 metres of the race runs you along the famous Imperial Bridge which runs over the River Danube which is an epic sight with thousands of runners around you. The website for international entrants is also super useful as the provide tour operators for group trips as well as the best and closest hotels for the start/finish.


This is another race with the ability to bring a team out and run the marathon as a relay too! Entry: 95 Euros


5: Shakespeare Marathon 28th April 2019

It runs on the same day as London Marathon so if one of your issues is not being able to share in the journey of spring marathon training with friends who are doing London then here is a race that you can match them with! Also, on the same day as London, this marathon runs through the beautiful Stratford-upon-Avon which is of course Shakespeare’s birthplace. The number of entrants is minute in comparison to London so far, more space on the course and less juggling. The course is fairly flat with 2 hills thrown in the 2-lapped marathon course (1 lap if you’re competing in the half marathon).


Entry: From £40


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