A marathon on snow! -
Les Lumières de la Muzelle

Profeet ambassador and ultrarunner, Iain Martin, started the new year with a different kind of race.

As we know from experience, Iain, an accomplished triathlete and ultrarunner with a long and consistent track record, likes to try different events. His quest for the unusual has led him to compete and complete:

And these alongside regular marathons, dualthons, and 10Ks – all in the name of training. So, we always really enjoy hearing about Iain’s latest adventures and the next ultra-trail he has discovered amongst the vast choice, worldwide. First up for 2024…

Les Lumières de la Muzelle AKA Les Deux Alpes snow trail

The title translates as the Muzelle Marathon of Lights, which sounds wonderfully ethereal. With a choice of distances – 10km, 21km, 42km – this mainly downhill event promotes itself as ‘accessible to everyone to enjoy the experience’. Iain, opted for the longer 42km route, of course.

Les Lumières de la Muzelle

Starting at 2.50pm with stunning mountain views at 2100m, the race rolls on into the sunset. As daylight fades, a sea of head torches illuminates the mountain side, like a long string of fairy lights. Finishers of the 42km distance are anticipated between 6.40 – 10.30pm, so everyone is safely home before the midnight freeze. If you enjoy a long distance run, this event certainly brings some unique and very refreshing elements to the experience. One to tell the grandkids about!

marathon runner night
marathon running

Not surprisingly, this kind of event requires a particular kind of preparation and attire. Running on snow is a new experience and presents its own challenges including: dealing with the alpine temperature which decreases as the race progresses, suitable footwear, fuelling, hydration… and frankly, what on earth to wear! Fortunately Iain was wearing his trusted Brookes Cascadia with Profeet custom insoles, so he was in good company.

From the horse’s mouth…

You can listen to the event progress from Iain himself here:

Look out for Iain’s account in Ultrarunner Magazine this month.
Find out more about Les Lumières de la Muzelle

How about you? Could you be tempted to try a marathon on snow?

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