The Threshold Trail Series - discount codes 2024
Threshold races

At Profeet, we’re big fans of the outdoors and we love a challenge, that’s why we’ve partnered up once gain with The Threshold Trail Series for 2024.

The Threshold Trail series is one of the most popular annual events on the ultra circuit. Designed for all levels and abilities, the trails offer a variety of terrains, gradients, elevations, distances set against awe-inspiring landscapes. Both events are well organised and supported, with regular snack and drink pitstops, with experienced medical staff on hand just-in-case, and an overnight basecamp for those who want to make a weekend of it.

Walk, jog or run, these races will test your endurance, from the adventurous hiker to the committed ultra runner. Your race, your style.

Profeet discount for entrants

What’s more, we’re offering entrants to any Threshold Trail race a brilliant 15% OFF at Profeet both in-store (just quote THRESHOLD when you book your appointment) and online (you’ll find a discount code in your Threshold pack), so you can be ready to take on the distance.

15% OFF for Threshold Trail runners

Race to the King

Race to the King 2024?
15th June 2024

Dulux Race to the King 2024


Race to the Stones 2024?
13th – 14th July 2024

Race to the Stones 2024

How Profeet’s services help long distance runners…

Custom Insoles

Custom Insoles
Our signature custom-made insoles are a key part of our footwear solution creating a multi-functional, bespoke interface between your feet and your running shoes.
They increase comfort, improve performance and help prevent injury. Find out more

3D Motion Analysis – unlocking performance and power
If you’re looking for an in-depth analysis of your running style why not pay a visit to our 3D Motion Lab.

Using marker-less real-time tracking, this sophisticated piece of technology will get below the skin of your running gait to provide detailed insights and feedback. Whether you have a niggle, ongoing issue, or are looking to improve your performance/time, this can be the key to understanding your biomechanical blueprint and unlocking greater performance and power.

Call 020 7736 0046 to book your appointment and present your 2024 Threshold Series sign up confirmation in-store to get 15% OFF.

See you on the start line!


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