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Did you know that, aside from running, the sport involving the most miles run is football? On average, a football player clocks up a staggering 7 miles per game. That’s double the amount of miles that a hockey or tennis player will run.

Unlike ‘pure’ running athletes that have a huge selection of trainers to choose from for their specific needs, football players rely on narrow, studded football boots. Recent news has highlighted a rise in injuries among female football players as well as issues with discomfort from their football boots.

A highly demanding sport such as football, involving sudden fast movements and pivots, requires footwear that gives comfort, support and protection against injury. So how can we help?

Common football injuries

Most football injuries occur in the ankles and knees. With players suddenly rotating with a foot planted firmly in the ground, ankle sprains, knee cartilage tears and ACL injuries often occur. These injuries, unless corrected properly with the right exercises and footwear, can lead to further injuries.

ACL injury

With so many miles covered in a game, footballers also suffer from common running injuries. Plantar Fasciitis, for example, that causes pain in the arch and heel of the foot, will require extra support inside the boot. Also, ball-of-foot pain or metatarsalgia can be a problem that will require additional foot cushioning and arch support.

planter fasciitis

Blisters are another common nuisance, frequently occurring under the big toe, metatarsals and on the heel.

Heel and toe blisters when running

Improved comfort and reduced injury risk

At Profeet, our custom insoles can provide much needed comfort inside football boots while also giving additional arch support that can be tailored to an individual player’s needs.

Profeet Biomechanist, Tom, says:

The boots tend to be very narrow and stiff with very little shock absorbency and if not set up properly the knees can start to take the brunt of the force. We’ll help by getting the alignment a little happier, ensuring that they are holding the ankle well.”

We can also carry out a thorough biomechanical analysis, checking any imbalances that need addressing as you run around during the game. By stripping away the footwear and looking at barefoot movements and natural running pathways, any variations will become evident. A gait assessment as well as a dynamic foot scan will detect any issues as your foot impacts on the ground.

Most of football is running back and forward with little interaction with the ball for the majority of the game, so the running tends to become the most important part,”

says Tom.

custom moulded insoles
Foot Pressure Scan

Insoles for all sports

Profeet’s range of custom insoles can improve the comfort of narrow, studded sports footwear, without compromising on their key supportive function. But they’re not just for footballers, as they’re beneficial for a number of other sports that also require foot stability during high force, multi-directional movement – including rugby, hockey, tennis, skiing…to name but a few.

Our team of technicians are experts in assessing the feet and preparing them for different sporting demands. From everyday, walking and work shoes, to sports-specific insoles, we have a wide range of options that can be custom designed for your needs.

sport specific insoles

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