Asics GT 2000-5 Shoe Review -

Asics GT 2000-5

  • Price: £120
  • Weight: 312g
  • Drop Height: 10mm
  • Stack Height: Heel 22mm-Forefoot 12mm

Profeet thoughts: Overall, this is one of Profeet’s best-selling supportive shoes. It’s a model that continually performs. The lack of change from the 4th version makes it far easier for customers to re-order.
It’s also a great overall narrower fit. So especially for women, it’s an ideal shape.

1. Upper: Material changes have meant the toe box has been slightly narrowed in contrast to previous models. Plus there is still a high likelihood of the toe box being the first point for wear and tear. This is however subjective to foot shape and foot volume.

2. The external heel counter on the 2000 stays. It helps to control rear foot movement along with a slight variation in the positioning.

3. Upper overall however, is very stable and hold the foot, especially snug around the midfoot.

4. Midsole: The midsole is no different from the 2000-4. The material is fairly dense with the women’s model being slightly softer than the men’s. The transition between heel to toe isn’t that seamless so this shoe isn’t made for fast paced runs.

5. Outsole: The rearfoot has same hard carbon rubber as 2000 version 4, as well as blown rubber in the forefoot which is durable but slightly softer underfoot. The flex grooves running through the forefoot do allow for some flexibility whilst still allowing a stable forefoot transition.

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