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Intially founded in 1955 by entrepreneur Alois Rohrmoser, Atomic had become a one-stop supplier for skis, bindings, boots and poles by 1989 and today is one of the strongest players in the winter sports market.

Atomic ski boots have a robust reputation for providing a healthy fit/performance balance, delivering all-day comfort with a positive foothold, plus scope for skier development for those aspiring to the next level.

We start by finding the right size:

Atomic bases its boot-fitting ethos on beginning with the best possible fit. At Profeet we measure your feet accurately: length, width and volume, and assess any anomalies such as bunions, bone spurs and hammer toes etc… which may affect the fit of your boots and potentially cause discomfort. Then we select the correct boot shell size for your foot.

The Atomic range is designed to address 3 forefoot widths:

  1. Ultra = narrow (last less than 98mm)
  2. Prime = medium (last around 100mm)
  3. Magma = wide (last of 102mm and above)

We then select the right boot for your skiing style and ability

Ski boot construction varies with different densities of material used to create a boot to suit your ability. A beginner skier requires a softer flex, a more aggressive or advanced skier may suit a stiffer boot – though this is not always the case – strength, anatomy, fitness level and even age play a role in flex selection.

The Flex Index describes the overall stiffness and stability of the ski boot

The Atomix Hawx Range

A bestseller, the Hawx range will inspire you to achieve the next level in your skiing.

This boot has been designed around the foot at the core, and works its way outwards. The shape of the boot accommodates standard consistently rectangular feet, but with the True Flex polyurethane in the top models and polyurethane and polypropylene in the lower models, the plastic is easily manipulated to accommodate a variety of f00t shapes. A bespoke fit is achieved through heating and moulding by Profeet’s trained technicians.

The boots are designed to be further customised, from adjusting the stiffness – a 15 degree lean that can be adjusted to your liking to create more aggression on the slope – and a custom adjustment bar to increase demand from the boot and mitigate shin pain.

Most models are equipped with a 4D liner to adapt the shape to each individual’s anatomical foot geometry for a snug fit.

Atomic Hawx Ultra Narrow Ski Boots 2023

Width: Narrow 98mm
Flex: 95 W, 100 M, 115, 130
Adjustable: Add top bolt to increase flex

Atomic Hawx Prime ski boots 2023

Width: Regular 100mm
Flex: 95 W, 100 M, 115, 120, 130
Adjustable: Add top bolt to increase flex

Atomic Hawx Magma Wide ski boots 2023

Width: Wide 102mm
Flex: 110 M, 115 W, 130
Adjustable: Take bolt out to reduce flex

Atomic Hawx XTD cross country touring ski boots 2023

Width: 98mm Ultra, 100mm Prime
Flex: 115 W, 130 M
Features: Generation 3 mode with 45 degree range in walk mode, lock buckle system

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