Salomon Ski Boot Range 2023 -
Salomon Ski Boot Range 2023

French sports equipment manufacturer, Salomon, was founded in in 1947 by François Salomon who initially developed the production of steel edges for skis. From here, Salomon pioneered the cable binding and by1979 had begun manufacturing ski boots, quickly gaining popularity and a reputation for innovation.

Salomon’s signature fit
Without compromising a secure fit around the heel and lower leg, Salomon ski boots are a good fit for those who need a little extra room around the ‘styloid process’ bone found in the mid foot.

They are available in 3 ‘lasts’ – which refers to the width of the ski boot at it’s widest point – and the capacity to stretch up to 3mm each side, allowing plenty of scope for customisation.

The Salomon Range

S/Pro Alpha

S/Pro Alpha
The S/Pro Alpha is a replacement of the S/Max.This boot comes in a narrower last of 98mm with a good heel hold as the main focus. The medial cuneiform/instep can be liberated by moving the buckle back, also with a more rounded toe box compared to most Salomon boots.

Width: Narrow 98mm
Flex: 90, 100 W | 100, 120 M


The S/Pro also has the ability to adjust the buckles for a better 3D fit around the instep. The core frame allows for an easy entry whilst providing substance and stability to the foot. With the option to make the boot stiffer out-of-the-box, these boots can advance to match your improving skiing ability.

Width: Medium 100mm
Flex: 90, 100 W | 100, 120, 130 M

S/Pro HV

S/Pro HV
The S/Pro HV is the same as the S/Pro but with an additional 2mm width making it the widest boot of the collection at 102mm.

Width: Wide 102mm
Flex: 120 M

Shift Pro

Shift Pro
Transition from the uphill to downhill with this versatile touring boot that makes hiking uphill easy, but feels as robust as an alpine boot on the way down.

A great combination of versatility, stability and power.

Width: Medium 100 mm
Flex: 100 W | 100, 120, 130 M

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