Brighton Marathon Tips from marathon runner Laura Murray -
Brighton marathon tips

She is mainly a road runner and has her sights set on completing the world marathon majors with New York, Tokyo and Boston still to do.

She’s a runner who has overcome serious injury to get back on the road with the help of Profeet.

Here are her tips on one of her favourite races.:

  1. The start isn’t where you finish. The race starts in Preston Park but finishes at the seafront (about a 15-minute bus ride apart or a long walk including an uphill). So, I would recommend when booking your accommodation, you find a location closer to Madeira drive which is the finish. It also means you get to stay closer to the sea!

  3. Bag drop was all organised very well when I ran Brighton Marathon. However, the toilet queues were amongst the longest I’ve seen at any race, so definitely allow plenty of time!

  5. The start was efficient and the course I really enjoyed. There are a few inclines in the first half of the race, but after mile 10-11 its pretty flat. Coming along the seafront to reach halfway is a real buzz, its off a decline and its packed with supporters and the noise carries.

  7. Between miles 14-18 you go into the residential area where the crowds are there with jelly babies at hand, oranges as well as water guns to squirt at you if it’s a hot one!

  9. Around mile 20 you hit the power station and it can be (in comparison to other areas) a little empty around there. If you’re running with music I’d suggest having one of your power songs play through here. Alternatively, you could place your cheer squad there, (it’s a little further out but the finish isn’t short of people to bring you home!

  11. There are plenty of water stations (they use cups by the way) and the last 3 miles along the seafront are brilliant. It’s loud, its strangers cheering your name and every step is closer to that finish line.

I really did love Brighton marathon and hope you do too. Good luck with the rest!

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