Final tips in the countdown to London marathon -
London Marathon
  1. Firstly, believe in your training. Don’t try and cram in miles that you missed. This week is made to taper down (see our marathon guide for extra taper tips).
  2. Enjoy the expo and picking up your number but don’t spend hours on your feet, especially if you visit on the Saturday. You certainly don’t want to tire yourself out for race day but spending too much time walking about.
  3. Eat normally and don’t change things. People talk about adding more carbs in the final weeks known as carb loading. Sometimes people end up eating more calories. How to avoid this? Just do what you were doing the last 15 weeks!
  4. Sleep quality this final week is key. Sleep helps your body recover and get back to its prime function. To be at your optimal on race day keep sleep one of your top priorities.
  5. Lastly, have the best time come Sunday. All your training has got you to the race and enjoy your victory lap!

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