British Women's Weightlifters supported by profeet custom insoles
Team GB women's weightlifters - profeet custom insoles

It’s been an exciting few weeks for the Women’s British Weightlifting team ahead of the Tokyo Olympics with the GB Women’s Team bringing home a trove of medals and some new records too.

Hosted in Russia, the 2021 European Weightlifting Championships took place in Moscow from 3 to 11 April 2021. The UK was represented by four talented British women, three of whom were fitted for Profeet Custom insoles: Sarah Davies, Emily Muskett (Godley) and Emily Campbell.

Sarah Davies –  64 Kg Class

First up was Sarah Davies lifting 101kg in the snatch, before a lifting a British record of 129kg in the clean and jerk. Giving Sarah a total of 230kg – also a British record – walking away with an amazing 3 Silver medals.

Sarah Davies UK Weightlifter

A fantastic start from Sarah Davies, taking 3 silver medals. Photo: British Weightlifting

Emily Muskett (Godley) – 71 Kg Class

Next, Emily Muskett took the stage and lifted 98kg in the snatch, before achieving 129kg in the clean-and-jerk to total 227kg, claiming 1 Silver + 2 Gold Medals.

‘Unbelievable performance!’ Emily Goodley creates history as European champion.

Emily Campbell  – 87Kg+ Class

Emily C. put the icing on the cake lifting a combined total of 276kg to win the women’s 87Kg+ division, earning an outstanding a fantastic 3 Gold Medals.

Emily Campbell UK Weightlifting Champion

Emily Campbell snatches victory. Photo:

What a result!

What a triumph for British Women’s Weightlifting, a sport that continues to grow in popularity. Congratulations to all of Team GB who participated and especially to our ambassadors who actively demonstrate the benefits of Profeet Custom Insoles. We listen and learn from all our athletes and what we extrapolate we share with our clients and customers – so you too can stand in World Class shoes.

What next?

These exceptional women will be looking to the Tokyo Olympics and we’ll be right behind them, (and underneath them), applauding their efforts.

British Weight Lifting

Profeet Custom Insoles for weightlifters

Unlike running, raquet sports or skiing, weightlifting is not a high impact or especially dynamic sport, nevertheless, significant stresses and strain are placed on the feet, ankles and legs.

weightlifting insoles before after alignment

Stability & balance

For optimum performance, the onus is on stability and keeping the body weight balanced.

When the ankles have a tendency to roll in (pronation) or out (supination) it can lead to uneven distribution of this weight, leaving you off-balance and uncentred and at risk of injury, and that’s where custom insoles come in.

Moulded to your precise foot shape, Profeet Custom Insoles provide the feet and lower body with solid, stable support in the right places.

The effectiveness of Profeet Custom Insoles for weightlifting is borne out by the successful performance of the Team at the European Championships!


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