"Why the Brooks Cascadia is my 'go to' ultramarathon shoe..." -

Profeet ambassador Gary Dalton recently completed the Transgrancanaria 360 wearing Brooks Running Cascadia shoes for this tough single stage ultramarathon.

Gary explains why he chose these shoes for the race:

We all have them. Our ‘go to’ shoe. The ones we pull on time and again when we just know we need to get a race done.


I have shoes which are better on wet rock. I have shoes which are more cushioned. I have shoes which are lighter and I have shoes which are more hardwearing.


In fact I have shoes which in every individual way are better than the Brooks Running Cascadia.


What I don’t have are all of those improvements in one individual shoe. In the Cascadia I have a shoe that does everything well. There’s a reason I’ve chosen it for races like the Tor des Geants, the UTMB and the Spine and that’s because I know I can rely on it.


I’ve had a variation of this shoe since I started running long distances back in 2010 and though I’ve had some issues with wear around the instep seam I can happily say they’ve never disappointed me in a race when I’ve really needed them to perform.


At nearly 87 kgs and standing 6’3” in my socks I’m more on the substantial side of trail runners and what’s been important to me over the years is comfort and performance. The relevance of shaving 20g off the weight of my shoes is lost when I’ll likely be carrying that and more in spare jelly babies.


Cascadias are not minimal shoes – they are shoes built for comfort over long distances and though that may make them sound somewhat industrial they really aren’t. They fit like my favourite roadies with the added benefit that I know I can go full tilt down a rocky mountain path and they’ll keep me at the limit of my ability.


I love this shoe. Though like every runner I know I’m always searching for the Holy Grail of trail shoes, it’s these ones I reach for time and time again. They perform. I trust them.


And these days there’s a lot to be said for a product which simply does what it’s supposed to do and does it well.

The Brooks Running Cascadia might be the right shoe for you too, but at Profeet we don’t recommend shoes automatically – we look at you, your feet, your running and injury history and suggest the right shoe for you.


That’s exactly what we did for Gary

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